Thursday, June 09, 2005

Jane Marquardt, We Hardly Knew Ye

So, it does not look like we're going to get our first lesbian City Councilor. That's too bad, because the 3rd council district (Aves, Capitol Hill) could use a lesbian City Councilor. You see, lesbians(and gay men) in the 3rd council district (and in other neighborhoods) could really use someone other than male, white, Mormon folks to represent them, and judging by Eric Jergensen's squeamishness to naughty words, it would seem that white, male, mormons probably do not value the same things that people who choose to live in Salt Lake City proper do.

But I can understand Jane's reluctance to put herself in the public eye. Who wants to become the lesbian City Councilor so that Heather May can write stupid drivel about the "unspoken lesbian/non-lesbian divide?" Who wants to take their happy, family-and-friend-filled lives only to have them shot down by Gayle Ruzicka's ignoramus-ray? Who wants to push for landscaped traffic medians only to have people question in their minds why lesbians are so fascinated with earthy causes like flora-laden roadways?

I wonder if Jane's decision-making process went a little like this: "Would I do more good in the world if I was a devoted companion and mother or if I was a novelty-freak that provided rhetorical fodder for Ruzicka and Chris Buttars?" Rather than steal thunder from Buttars' crusade against the evil science-teacher agenda, she probably opted for the family gal life. That's too bad, because I have heard that Jane's a warm, intelligent person who has alot to offer her community. Unfortunately, the current state of gay-plague hysteria will limit what she has to offer the world to her immediate family. Eric Jergensen will continue to amplify his role as Elder's Quorum President and be the best Salt Lake City Councilor that Davis County ever had.