Tuesday, June 14, 2005

What He Said

It seems that Utah's chief busybody, Gayle Ruzicka, is no longer satisfied with snooping into people's lives and pronouncing judgment on them. Now she claims the godlike power to decree reality, without bothering with that troublesome process of examining facts and making a logical interpretation of them, the process known as science. Gayle Ruzicka is so certain of her infallible insight that she demands it be taught to all public school children in the state and represented as science. For those of us who are not convinced that Gayle Ruzicka is the final authority on all matters legal, moral, religious and scientific, Utah's world-renowned fossils and blatantly obvious stratigraphy offer proof that life has changed over time, and that earlier life forms were strange and simple, gradually changing into the familiar, complex forms of the present day. Gayle Ruzicka and her minions would have us believe that Utah's fossils and landscapes are all part of an elaborate ruse perpetrated by God, just to test our faith in - Gayle Ruzicka and her minions. It is time for Utahns to stop paying attention to Gayle Ruzicka, and stop satisfying her lust for power over us.

Mark Novak
Salt Lake City


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