Wednesday, July 13, 2005

Think of the Children

The party-line vote over extending benefits to non-married couples is a complete letdown, however Scott McCoy's comments do offer a silver lining:

"The younger generations are absolutely in favor of this," he said. "By fighting the fight, we're making the future come faster."

The ridiculousness of the gay marriage/civil union debate, demonstrated by the SL County council and repeated countless times across the country, is something that younger folks can cope with by relying on the liklihood that it will die with the older generations that are currently in power. In fact, I think we can expect a complete backlash against the current parochialism that has brought us religious bigotry and corporate corruption in government. Being the first generation to experience mass-market media, baby-boomers have not developed a strong-enough resistance to the pop-culture b.s. and have therefore latched on to all sorts of meaningless causes. They have confused their lives with those that are portrayed on TV and are more concerned about superficial endeavours like the so-called moral issues than things that really matter like progressive taxation, energy independence, and the social, political, and economic effects of emerging globalization.

So the reason we're not extending benefits to non-married couples is because of our moral values. Couples that are struggling to build a life together are not deserving of a break. The people who buy this are those that wear morals on their sleeves, not in their everyday actions. Helping families, who, in the reality-based community, come in all shapes and sizes, is morality in action. Denying the rights families are entitled to based on a shallow, "show" morality is the mark of a facile, decadent culture.


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