Wednesday, August 17, 2005

Eric Jergensen, the best SLC Councilman Davis County ever had.

And apparently on his way out, much to the delight of his constituents I'm sure. Back when Jergensen was running against Polly Hart, she had the audacity to point out that her views were more in line with those living in the Aves and Cap Hill than her LDS counterpart. Jergensen than built the rest of his campaign on "Polly Hart is an anti-Mormon bigot." We were told that religion did not matter when representing the district, as the will of the people would surely be the driving force of Jergensen's decisions, not his personal beliefs.

With the Main St. Plaza and other issues involving the interests of the LDS Church, Jergensen has shown that he is a company man. He lashed out against swear words in the City's book club selection. Swears! Horrors! All-night dancing? Horrors! More than two bars on a city block? Horrors! Benefits for the partners of gay employees! Horrors! Fighting the bishops and their Davis County Highway? Horrors! Now, to all those reading this, think of your friends and/or neighbors that live in the Avenues and Capitol Hill. Do they think this way?