Friday, August 26, 2005

Everyone knows that ravers aren't punctual!

Salt Lake City Parks close at 11pm. So, according to Utah County Prosecutor Kay Bryson, if you are in the park at 8pm you can be cited for being in the park after hours because, as experience tells us, you might stay after 11pm.

Utah County only requires a mass-gathering permit to be approved at the County Commission level if you have more than 250 attendees for more than twelve hours. So when the hours of the Diamond Fork Rave are 9pm to 7am, that puts you outside of this category as a simple reading of the ordinance would suggest. However, Bryson says that "a large number of people, which they should have anticipated, would go beyond the time mentioned in the ordinance." I apparently was unaware that Utah County employs Pre-Cogs like those in Minority Report.

Welcome to Kay Bryson's America, where you are innocent until assumed guilty.