Friday, August 12, 2005

A lurk over at Urq's

Steve Urquhart has a really lame post about "shrinking the federal government." When I hear Republicans mention "smaller government" or "fiscal responsibility" I always put on my hypocri-goggles. That's because the way you reign in government spending, according to Urquhart, you know, is to eliminate the Dept. of Education. Big, Bad, DOE. See, in order to be a Republican, you have to believe - or pretend to believe, I don't know which is worse - that a relatively miniscule department like DOE is the culprit of big and bad government while allowing the Dept. of Defense to waste trillions on crappy defense contracts that go nowhere and do nothing except line pol's pockets. You also have to ignore the fact that the Coalition Provisional Authority cannot account for 8 billion dollars. And say nothing about the pork-packed energy and highway bills.

There is another pol that has really honed his skills with such silly duplicity in the last few decades. That's why I am from now on going to refer to Urqy as "Orrin II."