Monday, August 29, 2005

No Deeda of Trust

Rocky shit-cans Deeda Seed, and suddenly she starts throwing meat to his opponents. He's anti-Mormon! He hates being Mayor! He cusses! He's unhinged!

The Mayor's quoted as saying that she "has an agenda," and I don't have a clue if there's any credibility to that statement, but her behavior doesn't quell any suspicions. If she has legitimate grievances with Rocky, you'd think that the most effective way to address them is NOT to start blabbing to Heather May.

Oh, and how can I end a post without commenting on May's wonderful reporting. She describes the incident where Seed released the Mayor's emails about the Bush protest as "he 'blew up' at her over the release of public records about responses to last week's protest of President Bush." A politician's government-issued email account is technically "public record" or "public information," but that does not mean it is wholly available to the public. If a formal request is submitted for the Mayor's emails, it cannot be denied unless they contain information relating to a pending lawsuit or personnel issues. A Mayor's Staffer releasing emails without his knowledge or consent is highly unorthodox if not extremely suspect. But May knows that if she uses "public records" instead of "emails" then it will make Rocky look like he's trying to hide something. Yes, from the woman who brought us a front page story about phantom business owners swearing off relocation to SLC because of the Mayor, we get a juiced story about crazy paranoid Rocky.


Blogger Ken said...

Deeda Seeds motivation might be revenge but that does not mean she is lying. There have been stories of Rocky's mean managment style since he has been in office. He has had an extremely high turn over rate, so I am sure she is telling the truth. I have a link to your site in my blog if you would like to come check it out.

3:59 PM  
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