Thursday, September 15, 2005

SLC Rank-and-File Fail to Follow the Script

It appears that 80% of the employees in the Mayor's Office are "satisfied" with their job. Well, dog my cats, maybe Deeda's account of working there isn't representative of how things work as a whole. Funny thing - the people who are dissatisfied with the way Rocky treats all happen to be appointed officials. What's up with that? It couldn't have anything to do with the fact that these people have higher profile positions and all the entitlement issues that go along with that, could it?

Paul Rolly has noted that during the last two Mayoral campaigns, Deeda has routinely shopped around for candidates that would give her the best gig. She's a well-connected gal and probably has well-honed skills when it comes to establishing beneficial alliances with SLC politicos. The problem with this is that these type of folks develop a sense of entitlement that sometimes overshadows their obligation to serve at the pleasure of their appointer. She has served on the City Council and held several positions with Rocky's administration and it's not entirely implausible that she may have felt she was in somewhat of an elevated position. Rocky's claim that she threatened to conjure a media storm upon her termination is indicative of this type of mindset. She probably felt that she was a power to be reckoned with and that some aspects of her on-the-job performance were beyond reproach. Rocky's definitely gone through appointees like toiletpaper, but it's important to remember that appointed officials often have an agenda of their own. It may be something as benign as a resume-builder or a plank to bigger and better things, but most appointees don't take the job simply because they need the paycheck. They seek the recognition, the prestige, and the power that comes with being in a politician's inner circle. Unfortunately, the people who really fall victim to the workplace abuse aren't in a position to have Heather May take down each and every juicy tidbit - no matter how embellished - to embarass their former boss. And given the amount of meat Deeda has thrown to Rocky detractors, she'll no doubt have plenty of new job offers. Hey, that brings up a thought: there isn't a Mayoral election coming anytime soon, is there?


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