Wednesday, September 07, 2005

That Crazy Mayor

If you've ever worked for a local government agency, you know that, when it comes to community development, there's two types of cities- the accomodating and the resistant. The former will usually have a separate department called something like "development services" that is separate from the city's planning, building, engineering, and public works agencies. The purpose of this department is to coordinate development projects and shepherd them through the process and various departmental reviews in order to provide some reasonable expectation of when a development project will be permitted. With close to $2 billion's worth of development slated for downtown and the myriad of permitting that would accompany it, hiring a Downtown Building Coordinator would seem like a logical thing for a city government to do. For those who scoff at Rocky's portrayals of the City Council as a nest of naysayers, please explain this.


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