Monday, October 03, 2005

On KCPW last Friday, Rocky, explaining the Council's drafting of their own domestic benefits ordinance, claimed that the Council was trying to "trump [him]." I have to admit, at first, it sounded like he was just pissed because Nancy and the Gang were stealing his thunder. Looking at the run-up to his executive decision however, I would have to agree that that truly was their intent. When he and Jill Remington Love were collaborating on the extension of benefits, it was agreed that the first step was to determine whether it would be an executive or a legislative decision. In other words, they punted the issue to the City Attorney's office to decide whether the Mayor could extend benefits through an executive order or if it would indeed require the passing of a City Council ordinance. The former was found to be the proper avenue for such a policy change and onward it went.

It was probably inevitable that one of the Lege's resident idiots - in this case LaVar Christensen - would begin the homophobic saber-rattling. Equally as inevitable, the Council began to kowtow. Thus, they cast a net so ridiculously wide that it would dilute the fact that it snared some dirty homosexuals along with wholesome beneficiaries like elderly parents and adult children.

Look, I'm all for extending benefits as far as they can be extended. It's the right thing to do in a country that does not have universal healthcare. But to do it simply to cater to homophobic tendencies makes it less than noble.


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