Monday, October 10, 2005

A Proposal for a Message Bill

The Utah Lege loves their message bills. It doesn't matter if the thing is blatantly unconstitutional or not because it's stickin' it to those bastards who think abortion should be legal. Morality, morality, morality, we do it all because of morality.

Rather than taking shots at terrified teenage girls who find themselves in an impossible situation or people who have had to spend their lives being told they will be responsible for armegeddon, lets not make the upcoming Lege session about how freakin moral we are by vilifying pro-choicers or gays. For once, let's do something that's truly moral. The kind of morality where you don't get to take the high ground and tell everyone how wicked they are while you slink around in your self-rigteous slop. No, I'm talking about the kind of morality where one is compelled to right the wrongs that the more unfortunate among us are forced to endure merely because they were born into an unfavorable situation.

What I'm proposing is a State immigration bill. If you want to escape extreme poverty in Mexico or Central America, then you can come here and work. We will allow you to work. We will allow you to open bank accounts. We will allow you driver's licenses. We will let your taxed wages go to our schools, where your children will be allowed to attend. We will allow you to call the police if someone is causing you harm without the fear of being deported. We will allow you to quit your job if your employer is screwing you out of your paycheck.

All we ask is that you come here for a probationary period, at the end of which we will grant you residency and then citizenship.

Yes, we know that our Federal government calls the shots on immigration. But what are they doing about it? Nothing. Meanwhile, people are suffering and they shouldn't be. So, screw the Feds on this one. We, as the State of Utah, will take matters into our own hands. We will create our own registry of immigrants upon their submittal of a residency application and Matricula Consular card. We will provide the American dream when the rest of America fails to provide it. It's the right thing to do. And while we accept that it is unconsitutional, we can say that we committed a truly moral act.


Blogger pramahaphil said...

Here is another issue that I'm in pretty strong agreement with you Sean. (not the abortion issue, immigration) The conservative right is so foolish on this issue. They are far too quick to forget that their ancestors came to America for the same reasons people migrate to America today; but Rush and others seem to want to close the borders off completely. That would be unconstitutional and highly unpopular, so instead the Right makes so many hoops that it is nearly impossible to attain citzenship.

Your proposal would be an excellent step towards a fair immigration & naturalization system.

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Blogger pramahaphil said...

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