Monday, November 14, 2005

Contemporary Standards of Decency

Political hysteria claims countless victims and mandatory sentencing laws for drug violations are no exception. Weldon Angelenos, the poor bastard who got nailed with a statutory minimum of 55 years in a federal prison for selling pot while in possession (and "brandishing") of a handgun, really makes one wonder what kind of society we're living in. Apparently we're living in a contemporary society, as the quote from U.S Atty for Utah Paul Warner below lays out:

"Addressing the epidemic social problem of armed drug distribution with increased punishment and deterrence is consistent with contemporary standards of decency."

The funny thing is that this "contemporary" standard seems more fitting to pre-revolutionary France or Draco's Athens. Hopefully a decision from the 10th Circuit will give us somewhat of a post-17th Century definition of what a contemporary standard of decency is.


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