Sunday, November 27, 2005

Rolly fails to follow the script

His piece today outlines the various policy initiatives near and dear to the Mayor and the lack of substantive criticisms of the actual policies. It's all about that bleeding heart bastard of a Democrat who dares challenge conventional wisdon.

Rolly's failure to follow the script is disturbing because he is breaking ranks with his own newspaper. Heather May, along with her counterpart Brady Snyder at the D-News, has consistently delivered us the juvenile, craptacular articles on the Mayor that seek to plunge the debate into a Melrose Place style of name-calling and eye-poking. We know that food fight articles sell papers, but is a fat bottom line for the NAC worth the fact that, when it comes to Rocky, the public is woefully uninformed?

Meanwhile, you have Republican legislators like Bill Hickman who say "we get to pollute his air, clog his roads, those are great treats for us." When Republican puts his foot in his mouth solely to be mean-spirited, that gets ignored. A Democrat, however, whose confrontational style is arguably a product of his convictions, is portrayed as a loon and an enemy of Utahns. It's what's necessary to sell the script.


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