Friday, November 04, 2005

Simonsen for District 7

Thundering from the mountaintops, The Bar hereby endorses Soren Simonsen for City Council District 7. As many of you in the fan club know, The Bar is located in Sugarhouse (not to be confused with The Bar in Sugarhouse, the official name of what otherwise is known as the Tap Room, which is not to be confused with the official Tap Room, which is often referred to as the NEW Tap Room) and the day-to-day functions of our staff make decision-making in Sugarhouse hit close to home.

Simonsen is the planning candidate and Gordon Poulsen is the law and order candidate. Sugarhouse has become something of a Valhalla for petty thugs and the neighborhood, with its high levels of petty crime, has the highest incidents of reported crimes in the City (take that Glendale!). However, crime in Sugarhouse is an annoyance rather than a true threat. Furthermore, increasing the police presence will not adequately reduce crime here because petty thugs operate safely below the surface. If you want to break into a car, chances are you can. Even if you were to double the number of officers in the neighborhood, petty thugs then would, what, be reduced to having a partner to provide the "lookout?" The best defense against petty crime is, well, insurance, but beyond that, it's creating a stable neighborhood in which we all look out for each other. As Sugarhouse continues along its path to gentrification, it is crucial that development becoming of the neighborhood triumphs any ill-conceived attempt at economic development. And housing. God, we need housing in downtown Sugarhouse. Not only will more housing increase the modest street activity, but it will likely deter any non-drug-related criminal activity. Only then will be people be able to buy and sell weed with piece-of-mind.


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