Tuesday, November 22, 2005

The Support System

A Trib editorial today attributes the dropping minority enrollment numbers at the U. to the failing of Utah public schools. Unfortunately, this is where the much-vaunted family "support-system" is showing cracks. When confronted with the lowest per-pupil funding in the country, most legislators proclaim that Utah's strong families are there to fill the void. That's great when you've got two parents who themselves are high school graduates and have the wherewithall to navigate the public education system. However, as many other cities before us that have experienced growth, leaving the disadvantaged behind results in ghettos and crime.

Utah is at an advantageous situation because we don't have whole lot of rich people and not a whole lot of poor folks, either. We're decidedly middle-class. That's why we have low crime rates, that's why our State government is more competent than other states (because the salaries in the public sector are somewhat competitive to those in the private), and that's why we basically avoid many of the social ills that other states have. Unfortunately, an emerging underclass has been showing up on the radar lately and we can't just keep relying on the family, young men's/young women's, and a familiarity with Utah society to keep filling the void. Surely someone will come up with the rhetoric of how it doesn't matter if you're black, white, brown, green, we're all the same, blah, blah, blah, but we've seen what a do-nothing approach does. The French for a generation have relied on fraternitè to bring the non-white underclasses into mainstream French society and we know what the results have been. The longer we wait, the bigger the problem gets, then the more difficult - and draconian - the solution will be.


Blogger steve u. said...

You have identified 2 pressing issues -- lack of minority participation in higher education and low per pupil funding. But, my question -- to you and to myself as a policymaker -- is how do we best address these problems? They need to be addressed, but the facile "spend more" call doesn't add much to the debate. (Unless it is coupled with a logical plan to tax more or spend less -- and then identifying the areas where we could spend tens-of-millions less to make up enough money to make a difference in the public education budget).

A few things to consider in the calculus (whether you call them excuses or variables, they are realities). One, we already tax our citizens hard; two, we already devote a huge percentage of our budget to public education (the next biggest pot to raid would be health and human services, such as medicaid, which most Utahns are hesitant to raid; after the education and HHS budgets, pickings get a little thinner); and, three, (though this probably is more opinion than hard fact) the academic standards at our flagship universities already are too low, causing them to take too many unqualified students.

Regarding point three, it costs the taxpayers 2 to 4 times as much to educate a student at the U and USU as it does at SLCC, UVSC, or DSC. In other words, we could educate 2 to 4 students at other institutions with the money we spend on each student at the U and USU. With this in mind and wanting to wisely spend the limited money we have, it seems we should demand something more exacting than the 97% acceptance rates that are the norm at the U and USU (though the bar has been raised somewhat at those institutions, since growth money dried up after 2001 and discouraged them from chasing any warm body).

The tone of the Trib editorial seemed to imply, in part, that the low standards in place at the U should be dropped even lower. I disagree with that. The missions of the different institutions are set to accommodate different students. Until a student shows he/she can perform better than a 2.6, it raises questions why the taxpayers should make the 200- to 400% higher investment, regardless of race/ethnicity. Also, a problem we run into admitting students with low GPAs into the U and USU is that they typically don't finish -- wasting the taxpayers' investment.

I see two things we should do. In the short term, we should require the U and USU to make their admission standards more rigorous. This would shift students and a chunk of the money to the lower cost institions; being more efficient with money, they could use the shifted money to actively recruit minorities. Thus, we could bump up minority participation in the system.

Also, to increase minority participation at the U and USU, we need to improve what we do in the public schools. I've written extensively about that and my education initiative on my blog -- www.steveu.com. Those ideas also involve more efficient expenditure of our money.

Those are my thoughts. I'll leave the rest to you to figure out and get back to me.

3:36 PM  
Anonymous slam smith said...

The problem is demographics. Utah has a very high birth rate. This means we have a low taxpayer to student ratios. This creates the ironic situation where we actually have one of the highest per taxpayer funding of public education, yet has the lowest per pupil spending ratios. Large raises in per pupil spending just isn't realistic, the money isn't there. And there isn't anyway to get it. Since there really isn't any way to meaningfully increase the per pupil spending, your left with parental involvement with education. Fortunately this method has proven to be the most successful way to educate children. And yes there are many children (minority and otherwise) who suffer from poor parenting. It sure would be nice to do something for these children, yet history has taught us that it is extremely difficult to overcome the effects of poor parenting. Throwing money at it certainly hasn't proven terribly effective.

12:41 AM  
Blogger pramahaphil said...

Well said Steve.

7:03 AM  
Blogger Shawn said...

I'll hit this with a later post, but the pot to raid is....


8:57 AM  
Anonymous Gary said...

Which roads?

The interstate highways are federally funded. There's no money there that the state can spend for any other purpose.

State roads already have too little budget for good maintenance, and if we let them deteriorate too far, we create an unsafe condition that might even leave the state open to litigation.

City and county roads, again, aren't in the state budget, so that money isn't available.

9:14 AM  
Blogger CapitalCarnage said...

Two words. Apple Iniative

9:25 AM  
Blogger Ethan said...

Provo's roads!

9:29 AM  
Anonymous Gary said...

One of the difficulties in increasing educational funding in Utah stems from the fact that much of the money we spend on education comes from property tax. Why is that a problem? Because some 70% of the land area in Utah is Federal land (contrast to 30% of the nation as a whole, and as little as 2% in some eastern states). The state does not receive property tax revenues from Federal land.

There have been some efforts in the Congress to partially compensate states for the loss of property tax revenue, but nothing has come close to replacing the actual amount of tax money that would be levied if the land were private.

Want to increase educational funding in Utah? One good place to start would be with your Congressional representatives.

11:50 AM  
Blogger coltakashi said...

The drop in percentages of minority students was less than 10 percent. That means it could be a statistical fluke that has no special meaning. Whatever it is alleged that affected the few students who did NOT enter this year, as opposed to last, it did NOT affect the other 90%. The cause was therefore something NOT uniform in effect, such as racial prejudice, or the quality of Utah high school education. I doubt the quality of secondary education has gone down 10% in one year.

Steve U. noted the existence of alternative paths to education in Utah. Some of the minority students may have gotten wise enough to recognize that they could get the level of education they really wanted at SLCC or UVSC, without paying the higher tuition and parking costs of going to the U.

What I find upsetting is that this statistical event, which was the result of individual free choices by hundreds of students, is being viewed by certain people at the U of U as a basis for stronger intervention in manipulating outcomes, and interfering with the students getting rewarded or not on the basis of their hard work and study, and instead rewarding some on the basis of their ancestry. We minority people can usually come up with some experience of an ancestor where they were treated badly by a white person; in my case, my mother's home in Nagoya, Japan, was bombed with napalm by the US 5th Air Force. On the other hand, one of my great-grandfathers was a samurai, who had ancestors who probably mistreated peasants, treating them much like southern plantation owners treated slaves.

We Americans need to get beyond perpetual victimhood and the burning urge for revenge, and treat each other as individuals, equal before the law, but achieving based mainly on our own efforts and willingness to take advantage of the opportunities available to all. I earned all of my graduate education through the Air Force, which didn't care that my ancestors were once (through their own choice) the enemy of the United States.

It is fine to INVITE diversity, and not stand in its way; it is altogether another to manipulate the lives of real people to get the kind of outcome you want. That is tyranny, plain and simple. Sadly, many academics want that kind of power to remake the world in their own image (which was the attraction of Communism for such elite thinkers), and disrupt the normal causal chain between personal choice and outcome.

Lowering admission standards for minority students is a lie, because it misrepresents what will happen once they get into classes and have to compete on an equal basis with all the students who scored higher on the SAT and ACT. They start with a literal handicap, as the bottom 10% of their class, i.e. in "D" territory on the normal grade distribution curve that large freshman classes use. Some few will respond positively to the challenge, and take wings academically, while others will be drowning, wasting their time and tuition money and being stigmatized as failures, when they could have succeeded if they had chosen an academic program that was more in line with their skills and motivations (and cost less money). All too often, affirmative action burns up the lives of less qualified students in order to satisfy the egos of professors who want to brag about how generous they are with white applicants' seats in the student body.

12:38 PM  
Blogger steve u. said...

Gary (2nd, if different),

You hit on something solid when you talk about the lack of property tax revenues from federally-owned lands. Take away 70% of the property tax from NY, TX or any other non-western state, and imagine how they'd do. As the all-wise Chayce (who missed being a real-life jeopardy champion by a narrow sliver) notes, Utah is leading a charge on this issue, with the APPLE Initiative. Go here -- http://www.le.state.ut.us/interim/2003/committeelinks/appleinitiative/index.html/ -- for details. Nine of the 12 impacted western states have signed on. Now, we need Congress to act.

10:31 PM  
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