Wednesday, January 11, 2006

See it then comment on it

"Gay," "cowboy," "love story." All words enough to make everyone cringe. It's alot like "polygamists," "desert," and "green Jell-O." Buzzwords that are sensationalistic, demeaning, and nowhere near accurate in describing the subject matter they're ascribed to.

Thing is, the film and the short story aren't nearly so one-dimensional. Annie Proulx's grasp of rural language and behavior are reason enough to read/see Brokeback Mountain. If you grew up in the rural West, it's alot like going back home to Randolph, Elko, Duchesne, Loa or wherever. The "gay" thing, as Proulx and the movie have constructed, is simply an observation of a seemingly foreign element disrupt how things seemingly should be.


Blogger Mike Jones said...

Very insightful post. Maybe the best I've read in the Casserole Bar. I love stories about the rural west, which is why I liked Napolean Dynamite and Raising Arizona so much. You make me want to go see the movie. But, that would require finding a babysitter, etc etc. I suppose I'll have to wait for the DVD. Do you think Clean Flicks will carry it ;)?

7:29 PM  
Blogger Ethan said...

But if I learned about things before I made fun of them,

I wouldn't be much of a blogger, would I?

5:24 PM  
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