Wednesday, February 01, 2006

Zionus Exitus

Like a splinter that the body eventually purges itself of, I now find myself being pulled from the index finger of this pretty, great state, with hopefully plenty of metaphorical blood and pus left behind to demonstrate that I got my hooks into things while I was here.

I told myself that I was going to wash my hands of Utah blogging when I moved, so if I choose mental health, I shall cease to dilate on the political and social goings-on in Utah. They say you have to hit rock-bottom before you realize that things have to change, so I wanna give a shout out to the Utah Lege for helping me come to that realization.

So, if anyone cares, here's some things I would like to say before I get out:

Thanks to Ethan for being the glue that holds the fledgling Utah blogosphere together.

Thanks to Alta Ski Lifts Company for givin a fellow a place to get above it all.

Thanks to the University of Utah for doing the seemingly impossible - being a beacon of reason and a cultivator of critically-thinking minds in a state bound by dogma and go-alongism.

Thanks to the City Weekly for its efforts to poison the minds of Utah's youth.

Thanks to Rocky Anderson for showing us what real values-driven leadership looks like.

And before I go, I'll humbly ask the brethren to follow the teachings of Jesus Christ more and those of Boyd K. Packer less. You've got alot of people that listen to you and I think if you allow people to follow the dictates of their own conscience more, you'll be pleasantly surprised at how perfecting the Saints begins with their own individual moral reasoning.